Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ACEN 2013 - TERA and Ninja cosplay!

In case you haven't read the previous posts, this year for ACEN Sam, Nami, and I all did TERA cosplays. Sam was a Castanic female, berserker class, Nami an Elin, and I also dressed as a Castanic (no class specified, it was a last minute ordeal... I may do Slayer or Archer in the future, gotta make my weapon if that's the case). 

We all made our cosplays from scratch, IN 3 TO 5 DAYS.


NEVER AGAIN. I'm going to try  my best to allot more time for my future cosplays... I was swamped with work *cries*... But we made it, cuz we bad like that LOL...

Anyhoo, on to the pics!!! *throws confetti in the air*

Enjoy! =^_^=


First time wearing prosthetic ears... a lot of fun : )

Nami, Sam, and I

Getting healed ^_^

DBZ's Master Roshi got in on the action :D

With Mario! =^_^=

And with that, we're off!!! Until next year!!!

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