Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ACEN 2013 - TERA and Ninja cosplay!

In case you haven't read the previous posts, this year for ACEN Sam, Nami, and I all did TERA cosplays. Sam was a Castanic female, berserker class, Nami an Elin, and I also dressed as a Castanic (no class specified, it was a last minute ordeal... I may do Slayer or Archer in the future, gotta make my weapon if that's the case). 

We all made our cosplays from scratch, IN 3 TO 5 DAYS.


NEVER AGAIN. I'm going to try  my best to allot more time for my future cosplays... I was swamped with work *cries*... But we made it, cuz we bad like that LOL...

Anyhoo, on to the pics!!! *throws confetti in the air*

Enjoy! =^_^=


First time wearing prosthetic ears... a lot of fun : )

Nami, Sam, and I

Getting healed ^_^

DBZ's Master Roshi got in on the action :D

With Mario! =^_^=

And with that, we're off!!! Until next year!!!

ACEN 2013 - Convention Pics

ACEN this year was a lot of fun, more so than last year. It was scheduled for May again (it was April last year... so strange) which was perfect because the weather was really nice. Except for Saturday, it was ungodly HOT. Especially for us poor cosplayers =__=

This year was the first time I attended wearing cosplays totally made from scratch (I usually buy pieces here and there)... this was also the first year where my picture was taken so much, to the point that I couldn't do anything LOL! But I'm glad, that's exactly what I wanted. I really appreciated all the attention! My girls, Sam and Nami, also rocked TERA cosplays and received the same amount of love. We were so proud of each other!!!! =^_^=

The raves were cool; in my opinion the Friday night Synergy party was way better than the Saturday night Soap Bubble. I danced hard all Saturday night with my friends and sweated most of my make up off LOL... oh, and if I can help it I WILL NOT WEAR ANYMORE WIGS TO RAVES, IT IS ENTIRELY TOO HOT LOL   O__O

After the rave, I sat outside the Hyatt with my friends and did some people watching, appreciated the other congoers' cosplays. Didn't hit up any panels but no biggie, being outside was just as fun.

The game room was also decent, it was across the street at the Hilton again, run by my friend Kevin Fair and his company IPG (I Play Games). There were many retro games there as well as the typical such as DDR, Rock Band, etc. Unfortunately, I didn't get to spend as much time there as I wanted, but next year!

Anyhoo, picture dump time haha... Enjoy.


Bus advertisement :D

Naota as a Heartless from Kingdom Hearts... that pose haha >__<

My imoto chan (little sister), Lisha, playing with
Sam's ax from her TERA cosplay :3

Tomo and I, preparing for the rave with our cyber/tribal make up.

My roommate, Sherman, and his "outfit" for the rave.

Sweated my make up off dancing the night away! :D

Paired my yukata with my ninja boots, fox tail, and Eva scarf.
Looking through art books and other convention gets I purchased

Goofing around with my roommates =^_^=

I finally got my hands on this beauty... badass anime.
Took 7 years to create, all hand drawn animation,
over 100,000 drawings O__O


Soul Eater's Maka

Soul Eater's Crona and Soul

Wreck-It Ralph's Sugar Rush Racer!

Castle Crashers! So cute... ^_^


Star Wars haha

Portal and Street Fighter's Dan (gotta love Dan, LOL)

Bioshock Infinite... one of my favorite games

A kalimba!
Sounded really pretty.