Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Persona 3

Been wanting to do a Persona piece for a minute. Honestly, it still isn't quite what I had in mind but it's alright. Just gotta practice more. Using my new paints and brushes, a lot of fun. I even woke up this morning excited to paint, like a child waking up to their new toy haha...
I used an actual in game quote and also I want people who have never played Persona 3 or FES to understand that the characters aren't actually shooting themselves. They use items called Evokers (which look like guns - eff it, they're guns lmao) to summon powerful forces from within called Personas in battle. So, no, he's not offing himself LOL :p

Random thought: during my initial play through of Persona 3, my main character's name was Osamu (named after an old friend)...

Another random thought: I gotta work harder at keeping this blog updated! What's wrong with me... LOL

Enjoy  ^_^

                                       A few practice strokes with my new brush pen.


                                           Trying to use the paint sparingly LOL

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