Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chicago Comic Con 2012

This year's Chicago Comic Con was pretty fun, though the new floor layout was a tad bit confusing. I've been attending this con since 2004 and funny enough, this was the first year I got somewhat lost on the con floor haha >_<   Getting lost wasn't as big of a deal as the lack of business many of my friends in artist alley suffered. The floor plan was poorly designed, in my honest opinion. Artist alley was scattered to the back corners of the con's nether regions LOL. It was BAD. Another major change were the lack of program books. Instead, they had the schedule printed out on long sheets of paper... I was a bit disappointed because I actually like to collect the program books from cons I attend. 

I saw a lot of old friends there, as well as made some new ones. I befriended the crazy guys of UTB (Under the Bridge), the creative minds behind 12 Gauge Stereo. They were a blast to hang with and we're even talking about a future collabo. Even more awesome, I later learned that we have quite a bit of mutual friends. After the con, we all grabbed pizza and then chilled a bit, enjoying our youth LOL. Crazy night. Another great person I met was Rod Thornton of Angel Comics. UH-MEH-ZIIIING artist!!! We had a nice long convo about a ton of cool stuff; the guy has a very interesting mind. Initially, I had only intended to talk to him for about 15 or so minutes, but I was at his booth for maybe an hour LOL. And then I went back to talk to him again with my friend, Lisha, haha! We're also talking about a collabo, so I'm very happy :D  Huge thanks to Lee for introducing me to these guys. 

I helped out at the IADT booth again like at C2E2 and they even scheduled a signing for me to sign prints of my work featuring Taija from my Millennia War comic. I'm grateful to all the people that stopped by! 

What else interesting happened.... oh, I got vampire fangs! I happened upon this cool booth (the name escapes me) and couldn't help but to get fitted and purchase a pair. I got the super long ones... they felt awkward at first but I adjusted quickly. It's hard to talk with them, though heheheh. What's especially cool is the fact that I don't need any gel to keep them in. They fit right onto my teeth, no prob. I scared a few people (accidentally of course) and I sent a pic of myself to my friend and she said she turned off her phone as soon as she saw me, I scared her so. However, I didn't think I looked that scary... I thought I looked cute! What do you guys think? HAHA!  >:D

Besides buying the fangs, I also supported the writer, Stavros, there and bought his book, Blood Junky. Me mum is currently reading it, I'll grab it once she's done.

The last interesting thing I can think of is the h.NAOTO booth. I love h.NAOTO, Sixh., Mint Neko, and Hangry Angry fashion (I think I said that before in my ACEN 2012 post). I bought 2 shirts from there, one Sixh. style and the other Mint Neko

UTB and 12 Gauge Stereo and Amon from Korra that they made!

Lisha, Rod Thornthon, and me : )

Kim, me, and Joe of Xigency Studio

Xigency Studio's work

My guy, Shawn Alleyne, making those sales... his table stays busy.

During my signing... LOL at my hand

h. NAOTO! : )

Sixh. threads... the dressing room/tent was a bit dark

Preparing the mold for my fangs! :3


Found my lil' buddy, Carrie, who I met 2 Comic Cons ago 

Chillin' with the crew

My imoto chan, Lisha 


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Corsairs Fan Art Submission

A piece I did for my friend's graphic novel, Corsairs (Charlie Goubile). Enjoy

Persona 3

Been wanting to do a Persona piece for a minute. Honestly, it still isn't quite what I had in mind but it's alright. Just gotta practice more. Using my new paints and brushes, a lot of fun. I even woke up this morning excited to paint, like a child waking up to their new toy haha...
I used an actual in game quote and also I want people who have never played Persona 3 or FES to understand that the characters aren't actually shooting themselves. They use items called Evokers (which look like guns - eff it, they're guns lmao) to summon powerful forces from within called Personas in battle. So, no, he's not offing himself LOL :p

Random thought: during my initial play through of Persona 3, my main character's name was Osamu (named after an old friend)...

Another random thought: I gotta work harder at keeping this blog updated! What's wrong with me... LOL

Enjoy  ^_^

                                       A few practice strokes with my new brush pen.


                                           Trying to use the paint sparingly LOL