Tuesday, May 8, 2012

C2E2 2012

This post is so late, gomen (sorry)!  T_T

I had a great time at C2E2! Got to catch up with a lot of old friends and made some new ones as well. Inspiration overload. I would like to thank Standford and John for inviting me to speak on the Black Comix panel again with Jamal Igle, Turtel Onli, Shaw, Mshindo Kuumba, and Ytasha L. Womack. I'm a lucky girl. Also thanks to Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez, Keron Grant, Alejandro Rosado, Shawn Alleyne, Joe Robinson Currie, Aminah Armour and the whole Strictly Underground crew... Yorli Huff, Ron, Tyrus, Richard, and the rest of my IADT family. I'm sorry if I missed anyone but you know I love you as well. Just thank you, everyone, for all the support! ON TO THE PICS!!! *footworks*

LOL @ the lady in the lower right corner hahahaha...

IADT was kind enough to feature my work as their display again.

My buddies, Mike Norton and Jamal Igle. Great guys.

New buddy, Emilio Lopez : )
He's a cool dude. We had a fun convo about anime.

Some of my friends said that this piece by Greg Horn looked like me, haha... even my mom was floored LOL
TRIFORCE TAT!!! I so wanted one since forever... gyah, Nika beat me to it. *pouts*


★Lisha☆ said...

omg that piece does look like you! ;D

Ashley A. Woods said...

HAHA! That was crazy...