Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ACEN 2012

ACEN, ACEN, ACEN.... where do I start....?

This year was kinda bland honestly, compared to the previous years. I'm guessing next year will be way better. ACEN tends to have this trend where one year is kinda bad but the following one kicks ass. Don't get me wrong, I HAD FUN LOL.... chillin' with Matt ♥ and friends, but something was still missing from the con. Anyhoo, on to the pichas! ^_^

 This year I made my costume, which I'm pretty proud of! I cosplayed as Kujireika from the anime, Xam'd (you can view my fan art for this character in a previous post). It was relatively easy to put together but the wig was a b*tch. Kept getting tangled, grrrr...... luckily she wears her hair in ponytails because I don't know how I would've survived the weekend if all that hair was left flowing >_<

Exploring the con with Matt and catching Chocobos...

 J-rock princess look for happy hour in the hotel lobby and the Soap Bubble rave later that night.

Ran into No Face from Spirited Away, Chie and Teddy from Persona 4, AND Unicorn!

Yoko from Gurren Lagann and Asuka from Evangelion... I almost bought one of these pillow covers. Perhaps next time.

 The man who goes by many names... Adam (the Black Power Ranger), Renton (from Eureka Seven), Yukimura (Sengoku Basara), Ichigo (Bleach), Vash the Stampede (Trigun), the list goes on and on... also lead singer for his band, Eyeshine... JOHNNY YONG BOSCH!
He even offered to sign my badge! *tee hee*
 Matt and I went to see Eyeshine perform before leaving the con Sunday.

Lastly, the fantastic Masashi Hamauzu, composer for Final Fantasy XIII. I went to his amazing show the previous day where he performed with the Video Game Orchestra. I actually didn't expect to meet him, ACEN's scheduling was thrown off by at least 2 hours for many events, so it was hard to catch him. I happened upon him right before leaving on the last day and told him that I listened to his music everyday (in Japanese, yay studying heheh). He was very nice and even walked over to help me open the CD I purchased from him after he saw me struggling with it in the corner LOL >_<

Masashi's newest album, Black Ocean, sold out in Japan already and ACEN was the only place where you could purchase it at the moment.

So that was my ACEN 2012... can't wait to see what next year has in store. I'm already contemplating my next cosplay and I'm pretty sure I'll follow through on it... I'll keep it a secret for now.

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