Sunday, April 22, 2012

ACEN 2011 - Pics

Some pics from ACEN last year (which was off the chain, btw)... What made last year's con extra special for me was FLOW, which is one of my fave J-rock bands. They've provided songs for anime like Naruto and Shippuden, Bleach, Eureka Seven (I almost died when I saw them perform the first opening theme, DAYS, hahahaha!!!!), Code Geass, and more. h. NAOTO, who designs gothic and lolita outfits came as well as Sixh., who are also fashion designers and NAOTO's band. (I actually think Sixh. is returning to ACEN again this year and if that's true, then I will be a very happy woman.) As for cosplay, I dressed up as my new "Millennia War" character, Naimah! The crowds there loved it and I even passed out cards for my book. Wearing an eye patch wasn't as bothersome as I thought it'd be, especially since it kept my wig out of my eye, haha. As for the heels... I knew what I was in for which is why I also bought my flat boots. Heels + cons don't mix well LOL.
                                                   FLOW's Take during the concert

                                FLOW's Keigo Hayashi (same last name as me, heheh)

                               Chillin' with Sixh.'s Mint and Ibi after the press panel.
                                  These guys were so down to earth and relatable.

                                                            Naimah brought to life.