Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Preparing for ACEN 2011...

What's going on? : )

I'm preparing to debut a new character in my "Millennia War" comic..... and even cooler, I'll be cosplaying as her at this year's ACEN! I've been gathering pieces for it here and there the past few months. I just received my circle lenses yesterday. They're EOS brand in pink (I forgot the exact name for the pink)... So far, I only need 2 more items and the cosplay will be complete. MUAHAHAHAhahaha.....

I'll reveal a pic of her soon, so please look forward to it =^_^=

Other news... I just finished working on a big project and I have one other project left to do (freelance-related) before I can get back on track with my own stuff, "Agents of Sleep", plus this new project I'm beginning with a friend. OH! I've been whooping butt in the new GEARS 3 Beta, hahahaha..... Retro Lancer and Long Shot is all I need.

I hope everyone who's been following / visiting my blog has been doing well. A lot of people have been down and so have I. But I believe that if you stay consistent, continue to work hard and stay focused, things will begin to sort themselves out.


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