Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nina - Breath of Fire II

decided to revisit a part of my childhood here...

really fell in love with her face as i worked on this.

Nina - Breath of Fire

a Breath of Fire piece featuring the original Nina. kinda been in the mood of old school games lately.

: )

Gunbuster 2 - Lal' C

my fave character in the show... i wanna cosplay as her one day, but i fear i may be a bit too tall, hahaha....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gunbuster 2 - NONO

thanks to my friend, Arie Monroe, and my boyfriend, i'm getting back into the habit of fan art! i'm gonna try to produce one piece of fan art a day... let's see how that goes, hahaha!

it's kinda frustrating since the actual illustration looks better than the scanned version *cries*

FYI: i haven't drawn fan art since 2000... :p

Ugly Pink Coat

was in a bad mood yesterday and TRIED to get back into water coloring... but just wound up with this ooglay (translation: ugly LOL) sketch : (