Monday, September 6, 2010

First Glimpse at "Agents of Sleep"

I spent most of yesterday working on two of my freelance projects, one of which I'm providing pencils for J2D2's new upcoming comic, "Agents of Sleep". I'm basing my sketches off of John's concepts and Damian's script, however, they're still giving me creative freedom to do whatever I like with the overall design. Which is pretty cool!!!!

This sketch depicts the story's 15-year-old protagonist, Malody Jenkins, in her jammies... just basically looking cute. The story deals with nightmares and such and is overall pretty deep.

I think I'm gonna go ahead and further render this piece since I like it a lot :D

"Millennia War" Graphic Novel: VOL. 1 NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!

YES! =^_^=

Finally.... the moment many of us have been waiting for has touched down!!!! LOL!!!!

So what are you waiting for?!!! Go on and mosey your way to to purchase your copy!!! :D

*moonwalks and throws confetti in the air*

LINK -->

(I tried posting the link so that you could click on it but it's giving me some problems... I'll prolly try to fix it later. For now just copy and paste it into your browser.)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chicago Comic Con


"Millennia War" had another successful convention! And I even sold out of a few books, included the new graphic novel!!!! I only had about 10 copies but they all sold out fairly quickly. I even wound up selling Mike's, my boyfriend, Matt's, my mom, and my own copies!!! We were sad at first but we figured it was more important to try to get new readers with those copies.

Besides the books doing well, I also saw a bunch of my convention friends such as Phil Machi, Mike Norton, and Rodney Ramos. I also helped promote Sugar Gamers and even represented them with my girl, Martina, as we kicked a little butt in the Gears of War tournament! My old college, IADT (International Academy of Design and Technology), used my art to design their booth to attract attention and recruit new students as well as promote my own table there :D

OH! I also went to the Mafia II game release party hosted by SFX360. It was hella fun, and my friends and I drank and danced the night away. Mike and I even helped Phil start a conga line!!!! ROFLOL!!!!!!!

Overall, Comic Con was extremely fun and I owe it all to all the people who continue to support "Millennia War", especially my new little friend, Carrie. THANKS SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY WEEKEND!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO *hugs and kisses galore*

Anyhoo.... that was last month and right now...... I'm over halfway done with "Millennia War" issue #7, as well as working on other freelance projects.

More Comic Con Pics....