Monday, August 10, 2009

Comic Con Chicago 2009

Another Comic Con has come and gone...

I am happy to say that "Millennia War" sold pretty well and I'm excited to see what people have to say about issue #5. I'm almost done with issue #6 and it's turning out to be pretty badass so I'm also looking forward to see the readers reactions when they see the surprises in store for them.

Mike and I are grateful for everyone who stopped by and supported us and we're already planning for the Comic Con next year.


Homemade Imagination said...

I decided not to put that... HAHA It was very broken English stating I was watch'n ur gallureh! (watching you gallery) Anywho, where can purchase the products upon which thee is ..something hither comes... for it is the wind!! Hurreh! Hurreh I say! Before the lost of my hands shattering under their hooves disables me. (Dont ask...I just made it all up. Keep me updated.)

Ashley said...


You're hilarious, Homemade Imagination =^_^=

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