Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Speaking at Hancock High School

About a week or so ago I visited Hancock High School to talk to the students about me, my art, school, and pursuing their goals. I was a little nervous at first (I'm usually nervous with public speaking, haha) but it turned out ok. The kids were really nice and respectful and they even presented me with a nice gift bag in the end!



jocelyn said...

hey this jocelyn from john hancock high school, i was the one who presented ur gift, i just want 2 thank u in person and wish 2 see more of ur creative work:)

Ashley A. Woods said...


thanx so much for dropping by! i really appreciated my gift! you can see more of my work on my site if you haven't already been there =^_^=

Donovan said...

You're cool.

Vim Crony