Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Celebration! LOL

In celebration of the completion of "Millennia War" issue #5, I made a sad attempt of drawing 'chibi' versions of me and Mike partying with Hannah, one of the main characters in the story. This is my first time drawing something chibi but I always like the art style so I just went for it. I'll practice more so I can get better, LOL!

Mike looks really funny.... In fact that doesn't even look like him. Looks like I drew him with a potatoe/pie/pizza head LOL!!!!! And Hannah looks deranged as if she's getting ready to bite someone O_o



Daisuke said...

Hey Ashley,
Im one of Turtel Onli's students from his graphic design class and Ive heard alot about you from him. I was even fortune enough to read one of your great comics. I admire your work and your progress since you are living one of my biggest dreams ever especially the fact that you went to Japan. I also noticed we have some of the same interests and were turn to the love of graphic novels the same way. We even like some of the same artists in j rock and pop.
Anyway good luck with your work and your achievements I hope I can be as good as you one day and make it int he world of graphic novels.
Keep up the good work I;ll be sure to check in and see whats new with you ^_^

ekkehard said...

hi ashley! what does "chibi" mean? [or should I know?]

Ashley A. Woods said...


chibi is a Japanese term for "small person". google it and you'll see exactly what i mean. ppl usually draw things in a cutesier version using chibi style.

it's alright if you didn't know, don't beat yourself up over it :)

and thank you, daisuke, for your support! you're a fellow j-rocker/popper?! badass!!! =^_^=