Monday, December 29, 2008

New "Millennia War" Website!!!


It is here folks. The new and improved!!!!!!
It's even complete with an online store, character bios, previews of the comics, etc.

So go visit it right away. Even go buy some books from there directly! (That's right, cut out the middle man, LOL)

Special thanks goes to the webmaster, Ashley "Noelle" K. of Karmakaze Designs.



earl said...

The website's layout is definitely nicely done.

Ashley A. Woods said...

Thanks, Earl.


LJ said...

Glad I didn't pay my cable bill last month. Would have never come across last night's episode of Chicago Tonight. Love your art work. Stopping by Madison Ave. Tomorrow and picking up the first 3 in your series for my daughter who is 12, she's a great artist as well and doesn't really know what she wants to do with her great gift as she gets older. This should inspire her. It is so cool to see an African American woman in this field. My daughter is so influenced by anime as well, a huge Blood+ fan. I am really trying to encourage her to do her own thing. So glad I found a pioneer. Keep up the fantastic work you do.