Friday, December 19, 2008

Let's Fight!

A sketch I drew way back in January that I finally got around to rendering in December, haha... (that happens a lot)
Hannah's actually well taught in Shotokan Karate, as readers will see very soon in "Millennia War".

As I colored, I kept clicking between layers to see Hannah's face with and without the shadows to see how different she looked. I even provided before and after pics for you to see.

Hope you like it!


Leilani said...

Awesome Ashley! The rendering on her face is perfect!

Ashley A. Woods said...

Aw, thanks!!!

I really had a hard time choosing the colors. Especially with her face.
My favorite things about it are her nose, cheeks, and the slight fold of skin under her eyes.


Charles said...

Wow...okay, I have no idea what the last comment was about. I was meaning to ask you, what program do you use to render your pictures like that?

Ashley said...

Good 'ol Photoshop CS, buddy! :o)

I use that for more detailed coloring until I get more comfortable with Painter.

Ashley A. Woods said...

Everyone, when Charles said, "Wow...okay, I have no idea what the last comment was about", he was referring to some crazy comment someone typed but I deleted.

Colin Harris said...

Do you do the colouring as well?

Ashley said...

yep, i also color my art :o)