Sunday, November 30, 2008

My First Trip to Japan

November has been one busy month. Much of 2008 was laid back for me and then right when the end of the year hits, it seems like everything wants to happen at one time - not that I'm complaining...

Japan was awesome. I met so many nice people and even made a few friends! One particular person, Nakamura-san, who I met on the bullet train to Kyoto was a really cool person and helped me find my way to the art show at Doshisha University. It was his first time in Kyoto, too, so we sort of discovered the way together, haha.

Another person is Aki-chan, who I met at the dinner dedicated to the art show from the previous day. She was so kind and liked all my "Millennia War" comics.

I find it interesting how you never know who you'll meet in your lifetime but when your paths do cross it's a wonderful thing (especially when you live half a world away from each other, haha!). I could go on and on about how great Japan is, but you can see for yourself from all the pics I posted on my myspace


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earl said...

Japan looks really nice indeed. In the future i hope to go there myself with the right money.