Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Blog Banner

I'm always trying to figure out more ways of promoting my books and online store so I created a banner ad for the top of my blog! Every time a new issue is available or changes are made in the store, you'll see it advertised there!

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the new online store. Summer's coming to a close and some of the products are going to be switched out. In about 2 weeks, "Millennia War" hoodies, jackets, and sweatshirts will be added to the store for the fall season. So buy all the t-shirts while you can before they go away, guys and girls!!! =^_^=

Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Millennia War" in Kyoto, Japan!!!

Yeah, baby!!! "Millennia War" will be featured over seas!

I will make an appearance in Kyoto, Japan for the 'Out of Sequence: Underrepresented Voices in American Comics' event Nov. 13th and 14th, 2008. My work will be featured there along with other artists.

This is the same show that will also take place in the Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign October 24, 2008 - January 4, 2009. =^_^=

"Millennia War" on T.V.!!!


This has been in the works for a small time but I wanted to make sure everything had the green light before I go and tell the world about it, haha! Thanks to my mom promoting me to the right people, the T.V. show,"Chicago Tonight", learned about "Millennia War" and the rest of my art and conducted an interview with me today!!!

Our first stop was Graham Crackers Comics located on 77 E. Madison St. in downtown Chicago where the interviewer, Christian Farr, interviewed me about my work along with the Graham Crackers staff. After buying a few comics and hanging out a while there, Christian, his camera man, Tim, and I drove back to my house where we finished the interview in my room (a.k.a. the Command Center ^_^), played DDR, and ravaged the dinner my mom prepared for us, heheh. We ended our day together by taking a group shot in my living room.

I had a feeling today would go well, but I didn't anticipate it would be as fun as it was. I mean Christian and Tim managed to play some video games and stay for dinner (although it IS hard to say no to my mom's cooking!).

My thanks goes out to my mom and Jeanette for making this opportunity possible, Graham Crackers Comics for allowing us to use their store, Tim for being an awesome camera man and a cool person, and Christian for making the interview really comfortable and smooth. Let's do it again!!!! =^_^=

Okay the question I know you're waiting to be answered: the date of the airing for the episode hasn't been set yet (since it was just shot today, LOL) but as soon as I find out you guys will be the first to know!!!! Chicago Tonight airs on WTTW Channel 11 at 7 pm on weekdays, with rebroadcasts at 1 am & 4:30 am. I am assuming this is only for Chicago....

****More About Christian Farr****
(I copied this from Chicago Tonight's official website. Wish there were more about Tim, LOL.)

Christian Farr is a correspondent for Chicago Tonight. Prior to joining WTTW, Farr was a weekend anchor and reporter for the Ten O’Clock News at the FOX affiliate WTXF in Philadelphia. He began there as a General Assignment Reporter, and in less than two years of his arrival was promoted to Morning Anchor and Host. A year later, Farr was promoted to Weekend Anchor, a position he held for three years.

Farr was nominated for an Emmy as host of Fox Spotlights Black History Month in 2002 and for the Ray of Hope series in 2003. Both the New York State Broadcasters Association and the Ohio Associated Broadcasters Association have also recognized Farr for his outstanding contributions to the field of broadcast journalism. He also won the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism award for a series on Dangerous Roads in Ohio in 2000. In addition, he has received several civic and community awards in the Dayton and Philadelphia areas.

A University of Delaware graduate, in Chicago Farr rejoins his broadcasting family. His wife, Karen Jordan is a Weekend Anchor/Reporter with WLS-TV/ABC7 and his father-in-law, long-time Chicago Broadcaster Robert Jordan is a Weekend Anchor/Reporter for WGN-TV.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Indyplanet Spotlight - "Millennia War" #4!!!

What a pleasant surprise!

My friend Charlie, creator of the comic "Blackbird" also available on, called me earlier to tell me he discovered our books featured in the indyplanet spotlight banner of the site! I don't know how to take screen captures on a PC so I took this with my digital camera, haha! If anyone knows how to take screen captures on a PC, please let me know how! Pretty please!

Looking at this picture makes you want to go buy all my "Millennia War" comics, doesn't it? Go on.... admit it.... :o)

*** Sept.5th, 2008 ***

My friend, Earl, tried to help me by sending me a tutorial on screen captures on a PC. However, since I work on a laptop I don't think I have all the necessary buttons that were mentioned in the tutorial, LOL! Thus, I went to and copy and pasted the box, and pieced it back together in Photoshop so I could show you guys a clearer image... It wasn't too hard, really. Thanks, Earl!