Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

'Millennia War' @ Homewood Days

this past weekend was 'Homewood Days' in Homewood,Il. and the nice comic owners at the Zone comic store allowed me to set up a table within their store and sell my books. things were kinda slow since i was indoors and the event was outdoors but it's all good!!! then this guy was walking around as optimus prime which was really cool. i saw a couple a small children who were afraid to come near him LOL!

and yes, that's me wearing the head in the first pic.


Julius doesn't look like Mike! (at least not to me...)


at wizard world 2 weeks ago, my friend and co-writer, michael smith II, was telling me how he was trying to convince people that he and the 'Millennia War' character, julius, do not look alike after people kept comparing them. i found it quite hilarious for reasons i don't think are proper to state here but yeah.... they don't look alike. leave mike alone, people. LOL