Thursday, May 22, 2008

An updated Myspace Page = A happy Ashley ^_^

i'm so lame...

i feel the dire need to update you guys on how my myspace now has *gasps*


oh my word!!!! LOL. but for real. i was so behind on getting it together, just being content with the white page and my pretty profile pic. LOL. viewers couldn't even tell that I was an artist! Hell, I couldn't tell!!! LOL!!!! But it's all good now. Not decked out with weird graphics and music that seems to blast outta nowhere, scaring da be-jeezus outta unsuspecting people once their page loads, but i'll get there. gotta walk b4 you can run, yeah? i think i'ma put some 50 cent on there to contrast with the pink.... send me a friend request if you like (

oh crap. random thought... my phone bill's due today.
a cell phone bill = a sad Ashley :o(

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