Thursday, May 22, 2008

An updated Myspace Page = A happy Ashley ^_^

i'm so lame...

i feel the dire need to update you guys on how my myspace now has *gasps*


oh my word!!!! LOL. but for real. i was so behind on getting it together, just being content with the white page and my pretty profile pic. LOL. viewers couldn't even tell that I was an artist! Hell, I couldn't tell!!! LOL!!!! But it's all good now. Not decked out with weird graphics and music that seems to blast outta nowhere, scaring da be-jeezus outta unsuspecting people once their page loads, but i'll get there. gotta walk b4 you can run, yeah? i think i'ma put some 50 cent on there to contrast with the pink.... send me a friend request if you like (

oh crap. random thought... my phone bill's due today.
a cell phone bill = a sad Ashley :o(

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Millennia War" goodies debut @ ECBACC

so these are some of the stuff from "Millennia War" revealed to public first at ECBACC '08....

I had "Millennia War" issues #2 and #3 (check out an earlier post to see the cover for issue #2 ^_^), and posters depicting the new character, Taija. I also had another poster depicting a montage of some of the cast already introduced. "Millennia War" is a grand story with a huge cast, so I plan to do various montages in the future showing off more of the characters.


"Millennia War" nearly sold out at ECBACC!!!!


sorry i haven't posted anything new sooner... i meant to but the trip out to ECBACC in philly this past weekend really drained me. between all the plane rides and driving... i was beat. i worked non-stop came the big event on sat., selling issues after issues and posters after posters of my comic "Millennia War". i sold so much, i was beginning to worry if i would have enough books for Wizard World Chicago, which isn't too far off! (June 26th -29th).

after arriving in philly, i was surprised and happy to see my artwork in the very hotel i stayed in so i took some pichas of the fliers and what-have-you's there, LOL. i'm such a dork... ><

anyhoo, fat momma from the hit reality show "who wants to be a superhero" was there, and so was nichelle nichols from "star trek" fame. also in attendance was pro wrestler and actor, eric "the smoke" moran, helping artist and friend, criss cross promote their comics for Big City Comics "Tempest" and "Totem".

i was so tired once i came back home to chicago, i became sick and was stuck in bed for the next 2 days! i don't what happened to me, but i feel a whole lot better now. if i didn't i wouldn't be able to write this blog now, would i? LOL...

i would like to once again thank yumy and the ECBACC gang for making my first ECBACC experience wonderful, my mom for having my back and believing in me, my uncle, friends, and of course the FANS!!!!!!!!


Friday, May 9, 2008

ECBACC 2008 is next week!


just giving another mention about ECBACC. nichelle nichols of Star Trek and Heros fame will be in attendance along with me as guests among others.