Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Millennia War Sequentials

Heya. This scene is from the second book, MW #1 and was published last September. This was my first attempt at drawing an action scene (although I didn't post all of it on here because it's takes up about the second half of the book). I was going for that Quentin Tarantino effect with the blood, LOL. ><

I hope you enjoy it!


earl said...

Hey! That Blood Scene Reminded Me Of The Ninja Game Tenchu Where When You Do A Stealth Kill,The Blood Squirts Out And It Has That (GGRKTCH!!)Sound,lol

You Made It Very Realistic For Your First Try. Can't Wait Till Your Next Book.I'll Try And Be Patient,lol^^

Colin Harris said...

Great work yet again. Great use of colour and brave, dynamic compositions in some frames.
Best wishes for the new year!

dustin said...

great pages Ashley! im over at deviant art now, hit me up when you get there.

Patach said...

Hey Ashley,

How're things holding up on your end?