Wednesday, October 24, 2007

That girl you love from Millennia War ^^


This is an image I tweaked from an original piece I made last week. I just felt like experiemnting with grayscale and all that jazz... A lot of readers love Tomiko from my Millennia War series. I guess you can say she stole the show from Hannah and friends. Trust me, you'll have more reasons to love her in the future issues.

The next 4+ books have already been written out and the 4th book in the series is half-way drawn already. I just can't wait to graduate college in December so I can have more time to dish out the books faster. Not just for the fans, but for myself!!! I'm besides myself with anticipation to see how it alls looks, hahaha!!! ^^

OH! btw, her name is pronounced (TO-MEE-KO). ^^



earl said...

You Already Know How I Feel About Her. She's Going To Do Something Real Crazy.I Know It!

Ashley A. Woods said...

LOL!!!! You're right!!!!