Monday, August 20, 2007

watercolors!!! ^^

hey! ^^

i've been busy with "Millennia War" but i've still managed to find the time to watercolor... recently, i felt like i was in a rut. but i just tell myself to stick with a peice no matter what and eventually it will turn into what i want it to become. the vampire one i drew back in april, but didnt get around to painting it til last week. the second peice features hannah and her boyfriend, roman, from "Millennia War". i can't help but to hate his hair... ugh (lol). ><

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earl said...

The Vampire Looks Innocent But Deadly,I Like That.Especially The Blood On Her Mouth And Tit.The Second Picture Is Fascinating.I Agree With You On The Hair.It Reminds Of A Videogame That I Once Played Awhile Back.I Think It Was Shenmue On Dreamcast And Xbox.

Another Job Well Done.